Russia Says Its Crews Destroyed Two Ukrainian Drones Using ‘Tor-MU’ Anti-Aircraft Missiles

This footage purportedly shows Russian soldiers shooting down Ukrainian drones using the ‘Tor-MU’ anti-aircraft missile system.

The alleged attack carried out by crews of the Vostok group of troops detected Ukrainian Furia and Leleka-100 UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) flying close by.

The images were obtained by Clipzilla from Russia’s Ministry of Defence, along with the statement: “The crew of the Tor-MU anti-aircraft missile system of the Vostok group of troops hits UAVs and enemy missiles with pinpoint accuracy.

“An indicator of skill is destroying a target with one shot.

Moment Ukrainian Anti-Aircraft Guns Shoot Down Russian Kh-59 Missiles

“During combat duty in the air defense zone, the crew of the Tor-MU anti-aircraft missile system of the Vostok group of troops destroyed a reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“During the combat work, the crew took a position, using a 360-degree radar station. Detected approaching enemy UAVs and launched a missile to destroy them.”

The head of the Russian crew, code-named ‘Skala’, added: “The main thing is to detect, capture and destroy the target on time.

“One target – one missile. During combat work, the Furia and Leleka-100 UAVs were destroyed.

“The calculation is maximally charged with patriotism and for us to win. We support each other and are ready to serve at any time of the day or night.”

The Tor-MU air defence system is designed to defeat any targets falling within its range of altitudes and ranges. From unmanned aerial vehicles to aircraft and cruise missiles, the ministry added.


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