Ukrainian BM-21 ‘Grad’ MLRS Fire Rockets At Russian Military Positions In Bakhmut

These images show a Ukrainian BM-21 ‘Grad’ multiple launch rocket system firing its ordnance into the sky.

The Ukrainian war machine can then be seen manoeuvring away to avoid return fire.

The images were obtained from the 22nd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Monday, 4th September, along with a statement saying: “Bakhmut direction. BM-21 ‘Grad’ crew delivers a devastating blow to the enemy’s infantry. Combat work continues.”

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February 2022 in what the Kremlin is still calling a “special military operation”. Today marks the 558th day of the full-scale war.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that between 24th February 2022 and 4th September 2023, Russia had lost about 265,120 personnel, 4,480 tanks, 8,663 armoured combat vehicles, 5,611 artillery units, 741 multiple launch rocket systems, 503 air defence systems, 315 warplanes, 316 helicopters, 4,481 drones, 1,447 cruise missiles, 19 warships, 8,149 motor vehicles and fuel tankers, and 847 units of special equipment.

Russia has claimed that its casualties have been much lower but provides infrequent updates on its latest figures.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that he is dismissing his Minister of Defence, Oleksii Reznikov, and will ask the Ukrainian Parliament to replace him with Rustem Umerov, the head of Ukraine’s State Property Fund.

Ukrainian officials have said that on Sunday, Russia used drones to hit critical infrastructure on the Danube River that is key to exporting grain.

Ukrainian BM-21 “Grad” fire rockets at Russian military positions in Bakhmut direction in Ukraine in undated footage. The footage was released by the 22nd separate mechanized brigade on Monday, Sep. 04, 2023. (@22ombr/Newsflash)

The Ukrainian Air Force said that it had shot down 22 out of 25 of the Shahed drones launched by Russia.

The Russian Ministry of Defence said that the drones had hit fuel depots used by the Ukrainian military in the port of Reni, which is near both Romania and Moldova.

Romania’s Ministry of Defence said the Danube attacks were “unjustified and in deep contradiction with the rules of international humanitarian law”.

The UK Ministry of Defence has said that Russia is exploiting foreigners in a bid to increase its military personnel in the face of mounting casualties and most likely views millions of migrants in central Asia as possible recruits.

Former Russian President and Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev has said that his country has so far recruited 230,000 people into its military since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Ukrainian forces have reportedly breached Russia’s first line of defence near Zaporizhzhia after clearing mines for weeks, with faster gains now expected as they press the second line.


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