WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian Forces Destroy Russian Communication Jamming Station In Donetsk

This dramatic footage shows Ukrainian forces destroying a Russian jamming communication station by using a multiple rocket launcher.

Aerial footage reportedly shows the Ukrainian M142 HIMARS launcher targeting the Russian station in the Donetsk region.

The R-330Zh ‘Zhitel’ station had reportedly been moved far beyond contact line and was soon discovered by Ukrainian soldiers, who relayed the information onto artillery units.

The footage was obtained by Newsflash from the Command of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Thursday, 13th April, along with a statement saying: “The SSO together with the Defence Forces ‘himarred’ another fat target.

“In the Donetsk direction, operators of the SSO of Ukraine, together with the units of the Defence Forces, conducted a set of measures during which they discovered the position of the R-330Zh ‘Zhitel’ automated jamming station.

Missile fired from the M142 HIMARS destroy Russian R-330Zh “Zhitel” automated jamming station in the Donetsk region in Ukraine in undated footage. The footage was released by Command of the Special Operations Forces on Thursday, Apr. 13, 2023. (@usofcom/Newsflash)

“The station was quite far behind the contact line.

“The coordinates were quickly transferred to the comrades of one of the missile and artillery units, who know their work very well.

“The video shows the exact moment the station was hit by a missile fired from the M142 HIMARS.”

The US-made M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) is mounted on a five-tonne truck which can quickly fire six guided missiles in succession.

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February 2022 in what the Kremlin is still calling a “special military operation”. Today marks the 414th day of the full-scale war.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that between 24th February 2022 and 13th April 2023, Russia had lost about 180,590 personnel, 3,646 tanks, 7,053 armoured combat vehicles, 2,777 artillery units, 535 multiple launch rocket systems, 283 air defence systems, 307 warplanes, 293 helicopters, 2,339 drones, 911 cruise missiles, 18 warships, 5,637 motor vehicles and fuel tankers, and 320 units of special equipment.

The leaked US defence documents have reportedly revealed that approximately 354,000 Ukrainian and Russian soldiers have been killed or injured since Russia’s invasion on Ukraine.

The documents – Ukraine’s defence minister said – contain both true and false information which led to accurate intelligence losing “its relevance”.

Officials in Ukraine criticised the Russian army after an alleged video circled on social media apparently showing the beheading of a Ukrainian serviceman.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called upon international leaders to act after the disturbing video surfaced.

Russia said it needs to digitalise draft papers in order to clear up the “mess” at military recruitment facilities.

Ukraine announced hundreds of cemeteries near the front lines will be closed to citizens who want to visit family graves for Orthodox Easter weekend, due to the danger of unexploded mines and ordnance.

A Russian man who was sent to prison for two years after his daughter drew anti-war pictures at school and got separated from the girl has now been extradited from Belarus.

Ukraine is to receive over GBP 160 million from the World Bank for emergency energy infrastructure repairs, as well as another GBP 240 million from partners.

Ukraine asked for Indian companies to help rebuild the country following a visit to New Delhi from Ukraine’s first deputy foreign affairs minister, Emine Dzhaparova.


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